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Tool Time Auto Service, LLC
2109 Whitesville Road
Toms River, NJ 08755
40.037975 -74.242804
4.88/5.00 average rating
136 reviews
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  Thomas 06/13/2013
Work was done in short order and I am satisfied. These guys do not do half-baked work. That is why I keep bringing my cars there! Tom L from Toms River
  Herman 05/09/2013
excellent service
  Michael 05/09/2013
I was told after you checked out my vehicle on April 26 2013 that it would cost over two thousand dollars to repair my vehicle for the engine needed major work and a radiator. In that the auto had 192000 miles it may not be worth investing in it. With the info I received from you I bought a new auto. I had my Toyota checked by another auto service station, all it needed was a tune-up and a radiator and repair costs far below several thousand. It now runs like new. All I got from you was a charge of $96.30 for giving me inaccurate info.This was my first and last time you would see me at your garage.
  John 02/28/2013
excellent service, price, customer care, i will be back
  Fred 02/14/2013
I give it a "5"
  Mary Ann 01/30/2020
  Mary Ann 01/17/2019
  Joseph 10/11/2018
Mike and his mechanics are very detailed in their review and suggest only work needed. The staff can be trusted to provide excellent service. They can also provide pick up and drop off as well
  Pat 10/29/2015
They did a great job with the service on my auto. The work was done quickly and the cost was reasonable. I'd go there again.
  Tom 05/21/2015
I was very pleased with the service I received. My car was repaired as soon as the part was received. I find the service at Tool Time is fast and friendly, and most important of all is close to my home. I even get a ride home if necessary.
  Keith 04/09/2015
  Pamela 08/21/2014
Thank you for your courteous and helpful service.
  Carmine 04/11/2019
Good management. Your employees need to be more thorough of their responsibilities when working on our vehicles and make sure they leave the automobile in order. Good
  Andrew 01/21/2016
Tool time auto is a good place to have your car serviced. The staff was moderately friendly but nothing more. They get the job done but the one thing that bothered me the most about my visit is that I did not recieve any calls updating me on my car. I dropped off the car in the morning and was quoted by 12:00pm which was fine but then 12 rolled around and I had to call them to see if it was done. When I called they said no actually other things need to be done as well which again is fine but instead of moving to the next car you could've called me to tell me and have gotten my car done within a reasonable time. After all that I couldn't pick up my car until about 4:30 or so...super frustrating to be told we will contact you and never to be contacted.
  Ed 08/06/2015
Repair work was done well but it took three visits to get the truck running correctly.
  Joshua 12/12/2015
Wasn't too thrilled with these guys. I went in to have my car go through state inspection. They could've took one look at the dash to see I had emissions lights on and known I would fail. They ran the car through inspection for $100 anyway. After failing my car, they told me they would need another $115 to diagnose the problem. They really should've done that instead of charging me $100 to fail. In my opinion that's the sign of a dishonest greedy mechanic.
Shop Comment
Unfortunately the state of New Jersey wants private inspection facilities to inspect the car weather the check engine light is on or off. We are not aloud to inform the customer that the car will fail. I had an under cover state vehicle come in here and I was almost fined by the state because I informed the driver the car would fail inspection. Most motorist know that if the check engine light is on the car is going to fail inspection. I am sorry about you experience.
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2109 Whitesville Road
Toms River, NJ 08755
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